Stucco Remediation

Stucco remediation is the process of repairing stucco and the substrate behind the stucco. Usually, stucco failures are small and relatively easy to repair items. Unfortunately, the substrate failures that result can be very large in scope to repair.  The most important part in choosing a stucco contractor is to select someone who has actual experience for many years and many projects specifically in stucco remediation.  Stucco 911 has done nothing but stucco remediation projects since 2001, and with our fair and up-front pricing have become one of the largest companies of our specialty in the Delaware Valley. was created by Michael Gallagher LLC in the hopes of achieving a nationwide standard for stucco remediation and for the protection of the consumer. Michael Gallagher has been in the business of stone and stucco for 3 decades, and more recently since 1999, specializing in stucco remediation.


At Michael Gallagher, we understand the issue of moisture intrusion, and the emotional and financial impact it has on you and your family. For your peace of mind, we keep the process as simple as possible, and recommend the following steps:

  • Moisture analysis of your home by a qualified inspector who will provide an in-depth report identifying affected areas and potential solutions. All of our inspectors are certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) and/or Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC).
  • Removal of stucco in key areas to assess the level of internal damage.
  • Work with you, the home owner, to explain exactly what repairs are required and how they will be carried out
  • Any OSB or Plywood that is damaged by mold will be replaced, as will any framing that has been compromised by the moisture intrusion
  • Any affected windows which need to be replaced will be re-installed using the latest window-wrap products available for moisture resistance
  • All repaired stucco will be above and beyond existing building codes. Contact Michael Gallagher LLC to eliminate the mold and make your house beautiful again.

Unfortunately, most current remediation contractors describe themselves as “experts”, however they are NOT true stucco contractors who have been immersed in the art of stucco. Rather, they are self-proclaimed specialists that know very little about a variety of areas. They either do not know how or are unable to properly vent a drainage mat and implement the other critical details required to effectively remediate stucco. Other claddings have the advantage of a space behind it, either by design or requirements. With close attention to detail, stucco could actually even perform better.

When we repair stucco during a remediation project, we adhere to the use of Engineered Solutions for Stucco, to include rain screen drainage mat underlayment program, including full window pan flashing and ventilation of the wall system. This allows for internal drying of any wind blown-rain event which may penetrate either through or behind the wall system itself. Systems of this type actually exceed current American standards, but research both here and in Canada has shown them to be equally effective in the elimination of future internal wall damage.


Stucco is an excellent choice for exterior cladding when installed correctly. Stucco 911 uses a process that exceeds the current codes, and comes with a 25 year warranty that it will not leak or have substrate failure when installed from corner to corner and top to bottom.

Stucco 911 is a company of craftsmen with over 30 years of stucco installation experience. We can match any finish, and we can match colors very closely, saving the homeowner thousands on projects that do not require the entire house to have the stucco replaced. The attention to small details is the difference between noticing the repairs, and having seamless integration of stucco sections replaced during different applications.

For new hardcoat stucco applications, you can choose your colors and type of finish. Detail bands, fypon trim heads, canamould details and quoin corner details are all options and Stucco 911 prides itself on the beautiful installation of these kinds of details.