Stone Installation

Real stone facade details are some of the most beautiful and premium materials on the market today. Did you know that the overall color of any stone facade is a multitude of colors that combine for the overall finished color. There is both artistry and craftsmanship that make these materials look beautiful once installed. With over 30 years experience, trust the craftsmen of Stucco 911 to give you that final appearance of luxury you desire.

In addition to our other service options, Michael Gallagher LLC also installs Stone Veneer. There are various types of Stone Veneers which, when used correctly, can significantly increase the value of your home. Our craftsmen are proficient in the building of Natural Stone, Natural Stone Veneer (thin stone), and Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV).

Natural stone

Natural Stone is a full-thickness stone ranging from 4″ to 6″ depending upon the application, and requires the addition of a foundation level structure to support its weight. Like all claddings, one must install a drainage system for the wall assembly to perform optimally. By doing so, any trapped moisture can be expelled from the system while at the same time allowing for ventilation and air circulation, subsequently keeping the wall dry.

Of the three veneer options we offer, natural stone is the highest in cost. It is the most difficult and can be exceptionally expensive to add real stone to a front facade if a stone ledge is not present to support the additional weight.

Natural Stone Veneer (Thin Stone)

We have been preferred installers for Pinnacle Stone Products from Parkersburg, Pa. since early 2007 when they established their origin as a viable alternative to real stone and manufactured stone. Our craftsmen and their installations adorn many of the pages of their website and brochures.

Natural Stone Veneer not only looks like real stone, it is real stone! Its authentic character and rich earthy colors create a design presence no other material quite replicates. Its beauty is consistent through and through. Any surface damage, such as nicks or scratches, reveal nothing but more of the same stone underneath – not concrete or a base materials. Just as you would expect from true stone, it resists damages from weather conditions and UV rays. What might surprise you is its affordability.

Natural Stone Veneer is made from real stone that is either collected (i.e. fieldstone) or quarried. The stone is cut to a consistent thickness and weight for its use as a veneer. This stone is often called thin stone veneer.

Reasons to use Natural Stone Veneer:

  • Never fades
  • Requires zero maintenance
  • Shows only natural stone if chipped
  • Can be cut or split for a perfect install
  • Permanent
  • Increases value of building
  • Non-repetitive, no two jobs look alike
  • Custom thickness and face sizes
  • Natural stone is a “green” product

Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV)

Manufactured Stone Veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look and feel of natural stone. Stone veneer is fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete aggregate into rubber molds for different styles. Permanent iron oxide dyes are applied and absorbed by the stone when it is cast, so the color becomes an integral part of the stone. The base color is blended throughout and the mortar joint can be colored to either contrast or compliment. The stone veneer produced is then attached to walls with special mortars and epoxies.

Manufactured Veneer is less expensive than natural stone. Natural stone is generally used in the locality of where it is extracted and therefore the variety of designs and colors can be somewhat limited. Manufactured stone veneer offers a wide variety of options which would not otherwise be available with natural stone.

Advantages of Manufactured Stone Veneer

  • cost
  • speed of the installation
  • variety of designs and colors
  • product is much lighter
  • product is much easier to work with

Disadvantages of Manufactured Stone Veneer

  • It is not as strong as Natural Stone
  • It is not able to be power washed without compromising the color and texture of the stone
  • If a piece breaks, or if a piece is removed from the wall, unless it is replaced it can show the exposed aggregate on the edges
  • The Stone has a tendency to fade slightly over a period of years if it is exposed to direct sunlight. It is not reusable as is Natural Stone.

It is worth noting that stone veneers, similar to stucco, do have a tendency to trap moisture behind them if installed incorrectly. It is imperative that the flashing of such areas be monitored in addition to the installation of a properly vented drainage mat. In the case of the Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV), the stone is nothing more than a 2″ thick stucco and as a result, it takes significantly longer for it to dry between subsequent rain events. If there is moisture trapped behind the facade this will accelerate the consequential damage to the sheathing.