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Stone Installation

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Allentown , PA Stucco Remediation, Stucco Removal and Siding Replacement

Could your stucco have a problem? Black staining underneath of windows, on chimneys, and near gutter terminations can be signs. Moldy smells in the bedrooms or first floor rooms with exterior walls can also be an indication that the stucco has a problem. The only way to know for sure is through invasive stucco inspection and testing. Stucco 911 brings 30 years of experience to your stucco remediation, siding, or stone project.

We know stucco, and more importantly, we know the damage that moisture intrusion can do to the structure of your home. Stucco problems are generally small mostly imperceptible failures in the stucco system that lead to massive failure of the substrate and framing structure.Stucco Remediation

Stucco 911 services full and partial house remediation projects. Our 25-year warranty against future stucco test failure is the best in the industry. Our friendly staff will guide you from the beginning to the end of the project. Once you provide us with your stucco test report, we can show you the available options to make the repairs you need. You will then see the transformation begin to your new watertight exterior. Call today for your free consultation.

Stucco Removal/Remediation was created in the hopes of achieving a nationwide standard for stucco remediation and for the protection of the consumer as well as the professional. Stucco 911 has been in the business of stone and stucco for 3 decades, and more recently since 1999, specializing in Stucco Remediation.

Siding Installation

Proper siding installation Is the distinguishing factor for an attractive and water-tight exterior. Stucco 911 has over 20 years of experience installing many different types of siding.

Stone Installation

There are varying types of Stone Veneer which when used correctly, can significantly add to the value of your home. Our craftsmen are proficient in the building of all three, Natural Stone, Natural Stone Veneer (thin stone) and Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV).

This was a large job and I’m pleased with the results.

West Chester, PA

I was looking to have only what needed to be done to remediate the stucco and fix the house properly without tearing off the entire outside of the home.

Ardmore, PA

The work looks great and the company was easy to deal with. Would definitely recommend.

Wayne, PA

Stucco 911 repaired the areas that had shown issues on the test report and gave a good warranty

Downingtown, PA