25 Year Warranty: Having been in the stucco business for three decades, Stucco 911 offers the most comprehensive 25-year warranty in the industry. Please call for details, as terms and conditions apply.

Large Highly Trained Staff: With over 65 full-time employees we can deliver jobs large or small in reasonable timeframes and within narrow budgets.

Over 5000 Customers: We have performed over 1000 remediation projects and 4000 stucco projects with excellence and pride.

Certified: Our team members are highly skilled, and many of our project managers are certified in building envelope science.

Stucco911.com was created by Michael Gallagher LLC in the hopes of achieving a nationwide standard for stucco remediation and for the protection of the consumer as well as the professional. Michael Gallagher has been in the business of stone and stucco for 3 decades, and more recently Stucco Remediation. We understand the issue of moisture intrusion, and the emotional and financial impact it has on you and your family. For your peace of mind, we keep the process as simple as possible, and recommend the following steps:

  • Moisture analysis of your home by a qualified inspector who will provide an in-depth report identifying affected areas and potential solutions. All of our inspectors are certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) and/or Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC).
  • Removal of stucco in key areas to assess the level of internal damage.
  • Work with you, the home owner, to explain exactly what repairs are required and how they will be carried out
  • Any OSB or Plywood that is damaged by mold will be replaced, as will any framing that has been compromised by the moisture intrusion
  • Any affected windows which need to be replaced will be re-installed using the latest window-wrap products available for moisture resistance
  • All repaired stucco will be above and beyond existing building codes. Contact Michael Gallagher LLC to eliminate the mold and make your house beautiful again.